The Story

"I love it!  It is wild with adventure!"  Henry Starr's last words

Hi there!  Welcome to Outlaw Country!  My name is Jenni and I am the sole owner AND operator of Outlaw Provisions.  I'm not a fashion designer nor do I have a business degree, but what I do have is drive, a passion for adventure, and vision!  I grew up to be a strong headed, independent, loyal, hard working, adventurous, creative, nature loving woman who isn't afraid to be herself. 

My digging's(home) and inspiration for Outlaw Provisions is located in the southeast part of Utah, otherwise known as Castle Country, where outlaw's, cattle rustlers, and train robbers hung out(and still do).  Castle Country has a rich history as well as spectacular scenery. It was here where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, along with the Wild Bunch, robbed the Castle Gate Mine Offices in 1898.  I love it here, it has everything my soul yearns for!

The idea to do something more fulfilling for me came along with a midlife crisis of sorts, a change in where I was living, and ultimately my profession that I loved(and hated). After working an emotional yet rewarding 17 years on a burn trauma unit I quit my job, traveled for a month, and moved to the middle of Utah to a small, coal mining and ranching community to be with my partner.  I suddenly had these deep feelings that I now longer had purpose in life.

I needed to find something that filled a gap in my soul, allowed me to do the things I had a passion for, and allow me to be more creative and free from the structure's of the healthcare field.  I missed the relationships I built with my patients by helping them overcome something so traumatic and personnel that happened to them, but I needed to do something that didn't leave me emotionally exhausted daily, something that made me feel alive and that fed my heart and soul in a different way.  I decided I wanted to open a small business in my favorite small town of Helper, Utah, the historic mining and railroad town I loved and hoped to move to, the town where Butch Cassidy use to hang out in before he robbed the Castle Gate payroll.

 "You don't learn much when everything goes right."

It's interesting how life works, it seems to have a plan for everyone as it did with Outlaw Provisions.  After several twists and turns it was apparent that the shop needed to start online and not in a brick and mortar store, for now.  Where I started has completely metamorphosed into something completely different, something more amazing then I ever imagined.  This shop has and will allow me to gather everything I am passionate about and create a space to share with others and to find people with like minded passions to create with.  I have found something that I am passionate about in fact it's almost and obsession!!

Outlaw Provisions is a modern day mercantile supplying unique products to people like myself; the free thinkers, the rebels, the adventurist, the wander's, the misfits, the outdoor lover's, the ones that have chosen to think outside the box.  Our hearts, minds, and souls remain our own, we are fearless, we don't fit into any molds, we think for ourselves, we have high values, we live life with a passion and will stand tall for what we believe in. We are modern day Outlaws!

At Outlaw Provisions I strive to connect you to your inner outlaw by carrying products that portray the urban outlaw of today.  As outlaws we love the lands where we travel, the friends that we make, our beloved dogs, dark, rich, good coffee by the campfire, dark, starry nights, the howl of the coyotes, the smell of sage, the freedom of the road.   

  • I aim to bring the best of Utah, the great outdoors, and OUTLAW living into your homes.   I am proud to live in the high desert of Central Utah where outlaws call home and I hope to highlight the beauty of this area through my blog posts and product pictures.

  • I want you to be unapologetically yourself!  My hope is that these products will inspire you to be adventurous,  live your best life, be strong to what you believe, and to free your inner OUTLAW! 
  • I want my friends and family to ultimately be connected to Outlaw Provisions.  I will showcase unique products handmade by friends and family that fit the niche of Outlaw Provisions as well as highlight my products using friends and family as models!  They are important to me and my biggest supporters, I want to share the adventures of owning a shop with them.

  • It is important for me to take care of the land I love by using sustainable practices in every area of the business that I can as well as working with small business and artisans who share this same commitment.  You can shop with me and know that you too are helping with the carbon footprint.  All the paper products I use for invoices and shipping will be made of recycled material and I will recycle everything that I can.
  • These days it's super difficult for small businesses to survive in the age of big- box stores like Amazon.  There is a lot of blood, sweat,and tears that goes into making a successful business.   I support the Buy Local Utah movement by working with artisans and crafters of Utah by carrying their handmade products in our store.  Without them our lives would be exactly that, a big boring box.

Thank you for checking out my page!  I look forward to working with you and hope that you find something here to inspire you to be an modern day OUTLAW!

“The Old West is not a certain place in a certain time, it’s a state of mind. It’s whatever you want it to be. –” Tom Mix

Assistant Director: Mesa